Safe and uplifting retreats providing couples the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of God’s unique design for their marriage, while attaining a deeper appreciation for each other


Personalized, reflective coaching helps each spouse, individually and as a couple, discover and apply the God-given design of their marriage.

What to Expect

  • Take steps to build your marriage on the foundation of Christ
  • Experience spiritual oneness by sharing scripture and prayer
  • Learn to thrive in your differences and excel in your common interests
  • Understand, appreciate and celebrate your spouse’s personality
  • Experience deeper relational intimacy through improved communication
  • Discover God’s unique design for your marriage
  • Maximize your generational and kingdom impact
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Our Story

We are Mike and Becky McNamee, founders of Bold Destiny. We have been happily married since 1984. At the age of 25, we both made the ‘life-changing’ decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and by His grace, now enjoy a deep and vibrant walk with God.

In 2013, we dedicated several months of prayer asking God, “How can we serve You as a couple for the rest of our days?”, He answered our prayers and directed us to pioneer Bold Destiny; a ministry dedicated to equipping, strengthening and encouraging couples to fulfill God’s design for their marriages.

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“Learning the importance and value of sharing scripture and praying together as a couple was a game-changer. It will bring us so much closer together.”

Mike & Bonnie

“We were challenged and encouraged. Building on the foundation of Jesus Christ will be the key to a long and fulfilling marriage.”

John & Carol

“Conducting the retreat in a home and with our friends was relaxing and made everything feel so much more comfortable. The weekend exceeded our expectations!”

Tim & Joanne