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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you discover why!

Mark Twain

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We offer a unique, spiritually introspective coaching program that allows you to discover the depth and beauty of your individual design

Coaching for Individuals

With extensive experience leading teams and coaching leaders, we are excited to come alongside church and ministry leaders, business professionals, and non-profit ledership teams to help you grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.

Coaching for Married Couples

When we get married, we bring together our two unique Designs, creating a design for our marriage. As spouses’ journey through our coaching program, they will discover a deeper understanding of each other and the design of their marriage, gain confidence in decision making, and create a unified focus moving forward. Experience joy and freedom as you look through the lens of God and His intentional plans for you as individuals and for your marriage

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Become a certified coach and invest in the lives of others, helping them discover their unique God-given design

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