2023 Ministry Highlights

This past year was challenging, exhilarating, and very fruitful. God continues to stretch and bless us. We are beyond thankful for our marriage, family, and ministry. To Him we give all the glory!

Health Update

Mike had major brain surgery to remove a tumor in December of 2022. It took 3 months before he was able to re-engage in ministry. By God’s healing hand, he has recovered nicely and is now almost back to 100% – coaching, facilitating marriage retreats, and investing spiritually in the lives of men.

Your One Degree

We continue our wonderful partnership with Compassion International.

In March, on a trip to Asia, we had the incredible opportunity of sharing Your One Degree (YOD) with over 90 Compassion leaders and staff in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Since then, we have also certified several coaches desiring to introduce it to church leaders throughout their countries.

We continued our work in Africa, taking the Compassion leaders in Burkina Faso through YOD. After receiving the gift for themselves, we certified a team of trainers who have recently implemented YOD amongst the youth (ages 16-22) in the country.

Update: In 2016 we first introduced YOD in Kenya. The implementation continues amongst the youth by Compassion staff. Recently we were told by a team leader that over 6000 individuals have now been through the program.

We introduced YOD to the Latin American region for Compassion by coaching the National leadership team of Brazil.

We shared YOD with 90+ Latin American leaders from Compassion at a two-day event in Florida.

God continues to use this tool, developed by Dave Jewitt, to transform lives!

Marriage GetAway Retreats

This year we conducted 8 Marriage GetAway (MGA) retreats at the Glen Eyrie Conference Center. These retreats are designed to enrich, challenge, and encourage couples.

So often, couples arrive at our Marriage GetAway retreats on the brink of giving up, considering divorce, and breaking their marital covenant. Spiritual oppression is tightening its grip on their marriage, filling them with feelings of hopelessness and despair.

BUT God Never Fails! He brings them, and by His grace, hardened hearts melt, and love overwhelms! Throughout these retreats, we witness couples turning their focus toward building a marriage that glorifies God! This shift includes understanding, accepting, and appreciating one another, and drawing closer to the Lord as they pray and share Scripture together. Hope and joy are renewed. Over and over again…He is faithful!

These are just a few of the many highlights and praise reports we experienced in 2023.

As God continues to open doors for us to invest in married couples, grandparents, and leaders, our financial need have increased. We want to do more retreats, more training, more serving, and encouraging.

If the Lord leads, would you kindly consider giving a year-end financial gift, or even becoming a monthly partner.